by Paul Thomson

AMP NZ retirement income calculator

AMP NZ retirement income calculator

Congratulations to AMP NZ for being awarded the Best Overall KiwiSaver Member Experience by the Financial Services Council and Workplace Savings New Zealand in 2018.

The award recognises the best consumer experience on a KiwiSaver product, communication or service for the “Your Journey” KiwiSaver calculator.

Working in partnership with global creative communication consultancy AHC, we created a best of breed calculator for AMP NZ.

Cumpston Sarjeant developed the back-end mathematical engine that underpins the calculator. We have a broad range of experience in creating bespoke modellers within the Australian superannuation context. Our ability to work closely with the client to understand their requirements in the New Zealand market ensured the seamless build of a tool that provides a market-leading user experience.

The calculator models the two primary purposes of KiwiSaver: saving for a first home; and planning for retirement. The user is able to look at the expected impact of changes in contribution rates, retirement age, investment basis and desired income in retirement. The calculator allows for KiwiSaver and NZ Super, Member Tax Credits, and the varying rates of Prescribed Investor Rates and Employer Superannuation Contribution Tax.

AHC designed the user experience of the calculator, which includes the ability to choose from a “First Home” or “Retirement” journey. AHC then built the web-based front-end of the calculator and integrated Cumpston Sarjeant’s maths engine. The calculator features unique New Zealand imagery and plots results against this background in a simple, visually engaging manner – a signature of AHC’s communication style and member first ethos.

Further information

For further information on Cumpston Sarjeant’s development of retirement income modellers, please contact Paul Thomson on (03) 9642 2242.