About Cumpston Sarjeant

We firmly believe that actuarial consulting services must be efficient and accurate. As a smaller firm, Cumpston Sarjeant is able to provide personalised actuarial consulting.

Our work in traditional actuarial areas includes: general insurance work for self-insurers and local government insurance schemes, the valuation of corporate superannuation funds, and the valuation of employee liabilities such as long service leave.

We are also able to bring distinct expertise to a number of areas outside the scope of traditional actuarial services. We do a lot of work for solicitors and barristers in personal injury law. To this work we bring expertise in issues such as present value calculations, financial projections and life expectancy issues. For example financial projections are required to assess the cost of investment management arising from awards made to severely injured individuals.

We believe that conducting research is important in the development of our firm. Some of our research directly supports our client work, and other research is done purely for our own interest.

We have done extensive research into issues relating to the valuation of economic loss in personal injury law. This supports our work for solicitors and barristers. Our research in this area has addressed issues such as: estimating appropriate dependency percentages for surviving spouses and dependent children in death claims; and estimating appropriate deductions for vicissitudes. The publications section of this site includes several papers that have come from this research.