Defined benefit superannuation

Cumpston Sarjeant has extensive experience advising defined benefit superannuation schemes. In particular we are familiar with the design of many of the Government-sponsored defined benefit schemes for public servants through Australia, and are well placed to quickly respond to client needs in these areas.

Liability valuations and cashflow projections

We have extensive experience in developing and applying valuation systems for defined benefit superannuation scheme liabilities. John Rawsthorne provides the full suite of actuarial services to a range of defined benefit superannuation schemes throughout Australia. Valuations are conducted for annual and triennial reporting purposes, with the primary purposes being to demonstrate solvency and to advise on appropriate levels of employer contributions to these schemes. In addition to valuations we are able to produce cashflow projections of assets and liabilities of superannuation funds.

Tax and compliance certificates

We prepare various tax and compliance certificates, including Superannuation Guarantee Benefit Certificates, death & disability premium certificates, exempt current pension income certificates and asset segregation certificates for defined benefit superannuation schemes.

External peer review

We provide an actuarial review service, where the results of primary actuaries’ valuations are checked for reasonableness. This is becoming increasingly necessary from an audit perspective, and we provide this service for both auditors and primary clients as required. The conduct of peer reviews varies from task to task, ranging from high level review of reasonableness of assumptions and processes, through to checking of all details of calculations for individual test cases to ensure accuracy at that fine level. We are able to accommodate client needs.


John Rawsthorne