Corey Plover

December 2014

Topic: Demographic

Author: Corey Plover

Life expectancies for individuals with cerebral palsy

This publication is intended to translate the survival probabilities and mortality loadings found within a range of epidemiological studies to implied life expectancy tables in a robust, objective and consistent manner

November 2014

Topic: Legal

Author: Corey Plover

Cost of investment management factors

This publication provides tables of factors for estimating investment management costs.

January 2012

Topic: Legal

Authors: Hugh Sarjeant, Corey Plover

Financial compensation - inconsistencies, absurdities and bad judgments

This paper was written for presentation at the 2010 national conference of the Australian Lawyers Alliance.

It examines a range of components of economic compensation and highlights how they depart from sound valuation principles. It addresses the chronically high discount rates in Australia, the various approaches of assessing superannuation losses, the erroneous principles emerging in fund management, unjustified allowances for vicissitudes and the haphazard application of penalty interest. An attempt is made to quantify the extent to which each component deviates from the value required for indemnity, and the paper suggests how more accurate loss assessment can be performed within the existing legislative framework.

December 2009

Topic: Legal

Authors: Corey Plover, Paul Thomson, David Heath

Expert actuarial advice

This paper forms one chapter of the Thomson Reuters publication "Expert Evidence", and was written by three of our directors.

The chapter provides a summary of the relevant skills attributable to actuaries which may be relevant in a court proceeding, the codes and guidelines that apply, and addresses the most common areas actuaries provide evidence, including: loss of earnings and superannuation; family law superannuation; the current value of future expenditure; costs of funds management; and life interest valuations.

November 2008

Topic: Legal

Author: Corey Plover

A practical guide to assessing economic loss

This publication provides an introduction to the various components of economic loss, the principles of valuation and the practical issues surrounding them.