Modelling and data services

Cumpston Sarjeant provides a range of services that involve quantitative analysis and numerical modelling. Our staff have a range of skills and technical expertise and we have met the needs of many clients including auditors, government advisers, public and private sector organisations and communication specialists.

Numerical modelling

We have experience in building dynamic quantitative models, either for internal assessments or for communication and delivery to clients. Key components in much of our client work are stochastic projections and simulations in order to convey inherent uncertainties to our clients. We have also provided dynamic modelling services in areas such as demographics, financial environments and asset / liability modelling.

Financial projections

A common application of statistical analysis and numerical modelling is in the area of financial modelling. We regularly perform such projections for: Insurance clients seeking to understand the impact of their aggregate claim experience; Superannuation clients in order to reserve for benefits streams; Retirement villages in order to estimate deferred cash flows; Professional or sporting bodies, projecting membership in order to establish future revenue and expense streams for budgeting purposes.

Data services

Our diverse knowledge of programming, scripting languages and batch software allows us to perform large scale automated data capture and parsing. We have extensive experience in qualitative data analysis, including auditing and quality assessment services and we can also provide general data translation or transformation services.

Statistical analysis

Our broad mathematical aptitude and background gives us the ability to perform a range of statistical analyses, including regression modelling and trend analysis, parametric estimation and distributional fitting. Many of these techniques are implicit in our core business lines and have been applied in a wide range of industries and applications.