General Insurance


Since inception, Cumpston Sarjeant has been providing services in general insurance to a range of clients encompassing public and private sector insurers, mutual organisations, and alternative insurance providers.

David Heath has over fifteen years General Insurance experience, including seven years as the leader of the General Insurance and Accident Compensation practice in Melbourne for PricewaterhouseCoopers Actuarial. He has worked in Sydney, New York and Melbourne. He has previously acted as the Course Leader for the IAAust General Insurance courses.

David has provided actuarial advice to a wide range of insurance entities, but has particular experience in long-tailed insurance and accident compensation. He has extensive knowledge of motor bodily injury and workers' compensation schemes.

Liability estimation

We are familiar with all aspects of liability valuations, in particular those in accordance with IAAust Professional Standard PS300, and APRA Prudential Standard GPS310. We have provided advice to a range of providers, using both traditional and more modern valuation techniques.

Reinsurance programs and capital

Constructing effective reinsurance arrangements requires an understanding of both the nature of the liabilities and the fund's risk tolerance. We can assist in providing advice on the likely outcomes and their cost effectiveness. The communication of the range of results can increase understanding of the capital needs of an insurance entity.


We consider that technical matters are one of our strengths, and can manipulate data and then provide statistical reports which are timely, accurate and appropriate. These can provide important information to assist in claims management, and risk rating.


Model building has been a key occupation for many years. We are expert in using statistical techniques to assess the likely outcomes, and the associated range of values and their probabilities. The production of a range of outcomes rather than a single point estimate helps our clients to understand the inherent uncertainty of the claims process, and to respond accordingly.


We have experience in advising clients on premiums to be charged, both at the aggregate level, and at the level of individual policyholders. While aggregate premiums typically follow from our analysis of liabilities, premium rating for individual policyholders requires additional judgment. We have experience in designing premium rating systems which balance competing aims of stability and equity. This allows the identification of cross-subsidies between different cohorts of policyholders.

Asset Matching

The statistical techniques can also be extended to the investment portfolio, to assess possible solvency outcomes.

Peer review

Apart from providing actuarial services directly to general insurance clients, Cumpston Sarjeant also has extensive experience in providing peer review reports of other actuaries' reports.