Family law superannuation valuations (superannuation splitting)


Superannuation assets can be divided between a separating couple, like other assets. Dividing superannuation assets is referred to as "super splitting".

When superannuation is split between a separating couple, it is still subject to the standard restrictions around accessing superannuation. But funds can be moved from the superannuation account of one party into a separate superannuation account in the name of the other party.

When considering such a split of superannuation assets, there may however be some uncertainty concerning the value of a superannuation account. This is particularly true for defined benefit superannuation funds. The Family Law (Superannuation) Regulations 2001 and Family Law (Superannuation) (Methods and Factors for Valuing Particular Superannuation Interests) Approval 2003 provide methods for valuing superannuation assets.

Cumpston Sarjeant provides a range of superannuation valuation services for family law purposes. These include the valuation of: accumulation accounts and defined benefit accounts; interests in the growth phase and the payment phase; scheme specific valuation methods and factors, for funds such as the CSS, and DFRDB.

Request a valuation

To request a superannuation valuation for family law purposes, please download the PDF form below. Complete this form, and forward it to us with a copy of the relevant Superannuation Information Form(s).

Request a valuation

The Superannuation Information Form is provided by the superannuation fund. To request this form, you will need to send the fund a Superannuation Information Request Form, and the accompanying Form 6, which are available at the Family Law Courts website.

If you have any questions about family law valuations, please contact Paul Thomson on 03 9642 2242.


The cost for a single family law valuation is $450 per account, including GST.

Additional calculations at different valuation dates are charged at $150 per account, including GST.