Life expectancies for individuals with cerebral palsy

March 31, 2015

Category: Legal

A number of papers have investigated the survival patterns of individuals born with cerebral palsy in different countries. These include:

  • Blair et al (2001), "Life expectancy among people with cerebral palsy in Western Australia"
  • Hutton et al (2006), "Life expectancy in severe cerebral palsy"
  • Westbom et al (2011), "Survival at 19 years of age in a total population of children and young people with cerebral palsy"
  • Reid et al (2012), "Survival of individuals with cerebral palsy born in Victoria, Australia, between 1970 and 2004"
  • Touyama et al (2013), "Long-term survival of children with cerebral palsy in Okinawa, Japan"
  • Strauss et al (2014), "Recent trends in cerebral palsy survival. Part II: individual survival prognosis"

This publication is intended to translate the survival probabilities and mortality loadings found within these studies to implied life expectancy tables in a robust, objective and consistent manner.

A copy of this publication can be downloaded here.